New VS Established Healthcare Communities

I remember working in established healthcare communities (buildings that have been around for awhile) and looking at new buildings thinking how I wish our building could have the new carpet, updated decorations, etc. They seemed to sell themselves and families sometimes would get swept away by that first impression of the newness. I have since worked in both established communities but also in a brand new building that had the fancy new decorations, everything beautiful to look at, and showed so well! I realized that both new and older buildings each have their positive and negatives. One may have long term staff that is such a bonus to the residents who stay in that community but their carpet, decorations, and overall decor may not be as appealing. One may have beautiful decor but they are growing so fast that they are trying to keep up with staffing needs, staffing turnover, and implementing policies. Buildings each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Staffing, upper management, vendors, ownership, etc. can change quickly so keeping informed on the various buildings is important because those changes impact the culture and care within the senior living communities. Staffing concerns can happen in any building but some buildings have more longevity and less turnover than others. The care and heart of the building is what you should really look at and I can help you navigate this journey when trying to find the right senior living for yourself, family, friend, or your patient. I’ll help you see beyond what you’re seeing in the moment during tours, especially the interior and exterior of the healthcare buildings. Call today for help at 502.338.3658.


Kentucky is different than most states when it comes to levels of care for healthcare. In Kentucky we have Independent Living, Assisted Living, Personal Care, Memory Care, Skilled Rehab, and Long Term Nursing Care. This can make it hard on families that live in different states because what assisted living can do in their state, they may not be able to do in Kentucky or vice versa. Each level of care provides its own unique environment of care and what is allowed. This care may be as simple as providing meals and socialization so not the kind of care that you may need. Call today and I’ll help you figure out what the right level of care is for you. You may need a higher level of care for now if you’ve been sick, getting rehab, or going through a hard time but as things improve, you could possibly go to a lower level of care. Pricing varies even within each level of care for many reasons but I’ll help you navigate the costs and your options. Call me today at 502.338.3658 or email: I look forward to helping you!